The San Giovanni Tower

The events related to the settlement of Torre San Giovanni, also known as the Marina of Ugento, tell of a very ancient history… This is demonstrated by the traces of the archaeological remains of the Messapian walls, dating back to 500 BC. The location of the San Giovanni tower was in fact an important maritime […]

The lighthouse of Punta Palascìa

The lighthouse of Punta Palascìa, also known as Capo d’Otranto is commonly known as the eastern most point of the Italian peninsula; the tip that extends into the Otranto Canal. Already in thePeutingerian table the settlement is reported under the name of Ydrunte. The lighthouse stands not far from where, up to the 19th century, […]

The Lighthouse of San Cataldo

The monumental lighthouse of San Cataldo in Bari, 66 meters high, was designed by the engineer Pietro Palermo in the 1869. It stands on the promontory of the same name also recognized as the northernmost tip of the Bari coast, and is bordered to the west by the Gran Porto Basin and to the east […]

The Calderina Tower

The Calderina tower is part of the defence system built by the Spaniard during the 16th century in order to control and protect all the coasts of the reign and to alert the interland. Among 1569 and 1573 sixteen towers were built by Viceroy Don Pedro Afàn de Ribera in the land from Bari to […]

The San Felice Tower

The city of Vieste has a positive geographical location which over the course of history has favored the development of activities related to fishing, agriculture and maritime trade; its position on the sea also made it easy to control the entire Adriatic. The complex system of towers on the coast was born out of necessity, […]

The Torre Pietra Tower

Torre Pietra has a square plan, 11.50 m wide externally; the upstream side faces the Margherita di Savoia saltpans. An external staircase with a single ramp perpendicular to the upstream sideemerges from the floor and leads to the access to the first floor while the north side faces the sea. It was built around 1537, […]