The Aktio Fortress

Aktio Fortress is located 12 km west of Vonitsa and 2.5 km north of Aktio airport, on the Akarnanian coast opposite Preveza. It was built by Ali Pasha of Ioannina in the period 1805-1812 (probably in 1809), in order to control the coast of Akarnania and the entrance of Amvrakikos Gulf. Therefore, the area is […]

The Vonitsa Castle

It is located on the top of a tree-lined hill in the west of the modern city, near the shores of the Amvrakikos Gulf, 9-12 km east of Aktio airport and the city of Preveza. It was built in the early Byzantine period (probably 9th-10th century). Already from this period, Vonitsa is an important fortified […]

The Naupaktos Castle

Naupaktos Castle rises on the western foot of Mount Rigani, on a hilltop two hundred metres high above sea level, which dominates in the broader area and controls the sea passage to the Corinthian Gulf. The castle is one of the most representative monuments of defence architecture in Greece. It has been built with the […]