The New Fortress

Corfu, due to its strategic location, was for centuries a major fortified port in the Eastern Mediterranean. Under Venetian rule (1386-1797) it had a key role in the maintenance of Venice’s maritime domination in the region, as reflected in the large scale defensive works that took place in this era. The perimeter fortification of Corfu […]

The Old Fortress

The history of the Old Fortress dates back to 6th century AD, when the inhabitants of the ancient town of Corfu at the Kanoni peninsula began gradually moving to the naturally fortified peninsula of the Old Fortress. There was developed the medieval town Koryfo, from which derived the name of the island. Due to the […]

The Kassiopi Castle

The town of Kassiopi, in the northeastern part of Corfu Island, was due to its favorable geographical position the second most important town of the island during the Roman period. The invasion of the Goths in 551 AD caused significant damage to the town, which flourished during the Byzantine period. The castle was erected probably […]

The Angelokastro Castle

Angelokastro is one of the most important byzantine fortresses of Corfu. It is situated in the northwestern coast of Corfu, at the top of a rocky hill which overlooks the north and northwestern part of the island. The exact period of the castle’s erection is not known. Probably it dates back to 12th or 13th […]

The Gardiki Castle

The Gardiki castle is situated at the southern part of the island. It was probably constructed during the 13th century. During the Venetian rule (1386-1797) the castle was abandoned. The fortification circuit is elliptical in plan, has a perimeter of 332 m. and encloses a total area of 5.165,70 m2. At regular intervals there are […]

The Margariti Castle

During the Ottoman period Margariti was an important administrative and economic center of Thesprotia. Its castle was built in 1549 by the Turks on a low hill SE of the settlement, in order to strengthen their position against the Venetians who dominated the Ionian coast. The latter captured and destroyed the castle in 1571. The […]

The Igoumenitsa Castle

The establishment of the first fort in Igoumenitsa dates back to Late Roman times and is probably related to the Late Roman – Early Christian settlement (2nd – 6th cent. AD) excavated in Ladochori plain in the cove of Igoumenitsa bay. From the abandonment of this settlement in the 6th century until the middle of […]

The Chlemoutsi Castle

Chlemoutsi Castle is situated in the village of Kastro in the Municipality of Andravida-Kyllini on the westernmost cape of the Peloponnese. The impressive castle was originally built in 1220-1223 by the Franks at the top of Chelonata Hill with a breathtaking view to the plain of Ilis and the Ionian Sea as the centre of […]

The Aktio Fortress

Aktio Fortress is located 12 km west of Vonitsa and 2.5 km north of Aktio airport, on the Akarnanian coast opposite Preveza. It was built by Ali Pasha of Ioannina in the period 1805-1812 (probably in 1809), in order to control the coast of Akarnania and the entrance of Amvrakikos Gulf. Therefore, the area is […]

The Vonitsa Castle

It is located on the top of a tree-lined hill in the west of the modern city, near the shores of the Amvrakikos Gulf, 9-12 km east of Aktio airport and the city of Preveza. It was built in the early Byzantine period (probably 9th-10th century). Already from this period, Vonitsa is an important fortified […]